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Our Products ARe

Vitamin B17 and All Prodalin Inc Products are Made In The USA

Made In The USA

 Yes, we are proud to be American. All Prodalin Inc Products are produced here in South Florida USA. We are proud to stand by our Quality made products made right here at home and ready to ship to you in a safe and quick manner. Our Ingredients are shipped to us from either the U.S. Virgin Islands, New Zealand, or Canada, where we, "Prodalin Inc" take these non-polluted and chemical free ingredients to purify and potentize  them into our Professional American Made Products.

Vitamin B17 and all Prodalin Inc products are Pure, Natural, Organic, and Potent products.

ALL Natural Chemical Free Products

Prodalin Inc is proud to bring you ALL Natural Products (some potentized) with absolutely NO GMO, NO Chemicals, NO Pesticides, NO Drug Residues, NO Radiation, NO Fillers, NO Rice or Flour, NO Colors, NO Peanuts or Shell Fish, NO SOY, NO Harmful Additives, and NO ARTIFICIAL Sweeteners, Flavors, or Sugars. Prodalin Inc strives for perfection in our PURE, ORGANIC, ALL NATURAL and/or POTENT Products that are Safe and Reliable and we like to use the word "REAL".

Vitamin B17 Shines Light Through Dark Times.

Shining Light Through Dark Times

Every man, woman, and child can struggle or go through a hard time in some part of their life. Regardless of the struggle we get so tired of corporations and companies simply "going cheap" by adding cheap inferior ingredients, or fillers such as rice, or even heating ingredients in ovens destroying them instead of using cold process methods resulting in THE PEOPLE always getting the dirty end of the stick. Not Here at Prodalin Inc, You can feel Safe and Secure you are getting the "Real Deal" when you shop with us !


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